Mission Muddin' 2011

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Taos Mission Trip

On June 9, we will embark on a journey northwest to the town of Taos, New Mexico. With over 40 teens, we will put our hands and feet to work, serving those in need who are parishioners at the St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church. We'll be getting down and dirty re-mudding the mission, putting smiles on people's faces, white water rafting, dancing, praying, and more importantly increasing our faith each day we do. Every day for 3 days we will post everything we did. Stay posted for news, photos, and adventure!

 May 27, 2010

We'll it's official, Matt Maher's Shine like the son, is our Theme song for the Mission trip. Listen in on youtube!


5:30a.m. is way to early! but the trip went smooth. We made it to Taos by 11:30a.m. and stopped to eat our sack lunches in the park. We went on to our first workshift, we had a great barbecue supper, great time running around the lot....
Now, we had to come to the Whitten Inn, and ask to barrow the internet to upload these photos. It's after midnight, and we are sleepy...Goodnight!

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