Mission Muddin' 2011

Check out the Photos from Taos!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Photos are in!

Finally got all the pictures up and ready for your viewing pleasure! Click Mission Muddin' 2011 to see all photos from the weekend.

If you wanna see the photos from the Water Rafting Company click Southern Exposure Photos

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mission Muddin' Friday

Welp! Our day started at 7 a.m with morning Mass. Oddly enough, the readings for the day were, "Shepherd, feed my sheep and Shepard God my sheep." Wow, do they eat alright and of course, they all need guidance. Back to the gym for some breakfast 8:30 went and checked out the Miraculous Painting at the Mission. Then, it was all happy trails back to work!
 Our Theme for lunch was a Mexican Fiesta instead of a Siesta. Then back to the job rotations.

(Parents, if your kids didn't know how to do yardwork...They do now!)

Everyone had to have a chance to get those hands down and dirty muddin' the Mission. Showers at the end of the day were at the Family Community Center. For dinner we had a tropical theme. After, we hopped on the bus for the Taos Plaza Square. After a good hour of some fun, we headed back to the gym for some good ole' small group affirmations. Some stayed up for prayer, others decided to hit the sack. Freshman boys were moved to the hallway (It's alright mom, EVERYONE slept better)

Click Mission Muddin' 2011 to check out the photos from throughout the weekend.

Mission Muddin' Thursday

5:30a.m. is way to early! but the trip went smooth. We made it to Taos by 11:30a.m. and stopped to eat our sack lunches in the park. We went on to our first workshift, we had a great barbecue supper, great time running around the lot....
Now, we had to come to the Whitten Inn, and ask to barrow the internet to upload these photos. It's after midnight, and we are sleepy...Goodnight!

This is James, our bus driver, click here to see the rest of the photos from throughout the weekend!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taos Update!!

Well if you haven't got started packing for Taos, Might wanna get started ASAP!!





Either a RAKE


....Just in case you misplaced the Packing list, here it is.

• Sack Lunch and drink (Thurs. morning)
• Purse or wallet (Thurs. morning)
Wed. night in suitcase:
• Pop top drink container - mark
• Reg. shoes for church
• Tennis shoes for work
• Water shoes or tennis shoes for rafting
• Work clothes - jeans/t-shirt
• Work gloves - rubber on palms - mark
• Rack and hoe (one set per family) - mark
• 6 pack of favorite drink
• Shorts - no short shorts!
• Light weight jacket (it’s cold there)
• Garbage bag for dirty clothes - mark
• Air mattress & way to blow it up
• Pillow
• Sheet/blanket/sleeping bag
• 2 towels
• Personal hygiene stuff
• Medication
• Sunscreen
• Motion sickness medicine if a problem
• Flashlight
Leave them at home
• Only regular cameras...no phone
• Girls, small hand mirror
• Cash for souvenirs $25 - $50
• $10 bill for meal on way home
(will be collected on Thurs. morning)
• 2 of your favorite snacks
• Modest P.J.’s

*The only thing you need to add is a swimming suit if you are planning on wearing one to raft.*

The rafting company suggested not to wear anything that has cotton in it, like jeans or a t-shirt.
The more polyester or under-armor type material the better. Anything that dries fast is best.

Join us in saying the Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus everyday we are gone. You can find it on the sidebar. Thank you!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garage Sale!

 Well yesterday was the last setup day for the Annual Garage Sale. We got everything organized from T-shirts, sweaters, jeans, pants, skirts. Everything has been looked through and sorted. It has been a very exhausting past few days, getting everything organized and cleaned up for the big three-day sale.

A big thank you to all garage sale donors!
The gym is set with six rows of tables that are jam packed with all different types of clothing. While we helped the donors bring everything in, we had crews, sorting, folding, placing, pricing. Lots of work so after a while, your dragging your feet. Take a very close look how it looks with everything folded nice and neat...

This is after the first day of Sale, only two hours! What a mess. Tomorrow we start fresh again at 9 am so come out and help us!

It's almost 9pm...By this point we are EXHAUSTED

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Taos Mission Trip

On June 9, we will embark on a journey northwest to the town of Taos, New Mexico. With over 40 teens, we will put our hands and feet to work, serving those in need who are parishioners at the St. Francis of Assisi Mission Church. We'll be getting down and dirty re-mudding the mission, putting smiles on people's faces, white water rafting, dancing, praying, and more importantly increasing our faith each day we do. Every day for 3 days we will post everything we did. Stay posted for news, photos, and adventure!