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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mission Muddin' Friday

Welp! Our day started at 7 a.m with morning Mass. Oddly enough, the readings for the day were, "Shepherd, feed my sheep and Shepard God my sheep." Wow, do they eat alright and of course, they all need guidance. Back to the gym for some breakfast 8:30 went and checked out the Miraculous Painting at the Mission. Then, it was all happy trails back to work!
 Our Theme for lunch was a Mexican Fiesta instead of a Siesta. Then back to the job rotations.

(Parents, if your kids didn't know how to do yardwork...They do now!)

Everyone had to have a chance to get those hands down and dirty muddin' the Mission. Showers at the end of the day were at the Family Community Center. For dinner we had a tropical theme. After, we hopped on the bus for the Taos Plaza Square. After a good hour of some fun, we headed back to the gym for some good ole' small group affirmations. Some stayed up for prayer, others decided to hit the sack. Freshman boys were moved to the hallway (It's alright mom, EVERYONE slept better)

Click Mission Muddin' 2011 to check out the photos from throughout the weekend.

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