Mission Muddin' 2011

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Meet the CORE

Elaine McNutt

"I'm Elaine, I love working with kids, teens, whatever...I love 'em! For hobbies I do anything that has to do with art, I am an artsy woman. I have been running the youth ministry here for way to long, I am too old to count the years. My favorite saint, I have two, St. Rosa Mater and St. Therese. Therese is my middle name."

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Phone: (806) 364.8408
Email:  elainemcnutt45@hotmail.com

                Walter Paetzold Jr.

"Hello, I'm Walter Paetzold Jr, I am married to a wonderful woman, Laurie. I have 4 kids, Allyson, Ashton, Mason and Logan and I have one grandson, so yes, I'm a grandpa. Some of my hobbies are riding four-wheelers, hunting, and skiing. I have been helping out Lifeteen for too long. The one thing that keeps me going is seeing these teens grow in their faith. My favorite saint is Saint Peter."

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Phone: W (806) 364.1961  C (806) 344.2962
Email: paetzoldclan@aol.com

Michelle Brisendine

"Hi, I'm Michelle Brisendine, and I am the Business Administrator at the Methodist Church, been doing it for 23 years. I have been married to Mickey for 40 years, we have 3 married, beautiful daughters with 8 terrific grand kids who are my hobby. I have been helping out the youth ministry here for, lets see, since the beginning. I work with kids because they are willing to learn and change. God calls each of us to work with the youth. My favorite saint is Mother Teresa."

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Phone: W (806) 364.5299  C (806) 344.5299
Email: mbrisendine@wtrt.net

                                         Rudy Carrasco

"My Name is Rudy Carrasco, I've been married for 21 years and I have 4 children. Tiffany, Vincent, Nicholas, and Lisa. I have owned Panhandle Pallets for over 20 years. Hobbies are carpentry, my kids, watching movies, being outdoors, most of all my my Lord! I have been serving the Lifeteen Ministry for over 7 Years. When I was a teen I didn't have a mentor. When I had my own kids, I almost missed out, but only by God's grace that I have been given a chance to serve not only my own, but others as well. My favorite saint is St. Paul the Apostle." "Wherefore, Receive ye one another as Christ also received us to the glory of God."  Romans 15: 7 

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Phone: C (806) 336.4966  
Email: rcarrasco@clearwire.net                                                          

                               Mary Ann Ramirez 

 "I'm Mary Ann, I work for Hereford ISD at the Administration. I have 3 children. I have one son and 2 daughters. I have 4 granddaughters. I love traveling and spending time with my family. My passion is Lifeteen and supporting the Military. I've worked with Lifeteen for 6 years and I have truly enjoyed it. I love being apart of it because we each hold each other accountable. My favorite saint is Saint Michael the Archangel. Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere. Ephesians 6:18

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Phone: C (806) 720.0689
Email: maryannramirez@herefordisd.net 

                               Mayra Ochoa

 "I'm Mayra Ochoa, I am a full time student getting ready to work on my Bachelors Degree for social work. I have a volunteer job with C.A.S.A (Court Appointed Special Advocate) I love to bake, sew, and decorate my home on my spare time. I have been helping out the Core here for 2 years, I enjoy getting the chance to spread the word of the Lord. I mostly love that I get to experience the Holy Spirit working in these teens. My favorite saint is Saint Therese."

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Email: mayra02@live.com

                                         Johnny Dan Alaniz
"I'm Johnny Dan, I work for Deaf Smith Co, I'm in the Witless Protection Program. I am married to Argelia and we have 2 kiddos. Jonathan Daniel, 13, and Andreya Viktorina, 8. My hobbies are coaching, refereeing, having cookouts, my yard, my wife, myself, and lifeteen. Lifeteen has been so fun, I forgot how long I have been in it. I do it for the kids. My favorite Saint is Saint Jude"..."and my wife, and my children, Father John, Michelle Brisendine, Elaine McNutt, Rudy Carrasco, Pretty Mayra, Walter Paetzold, Barbara Franks, Brenda Koenig and Mary Ann."

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Phone: C (806) 683.1996